CBS Channel 8 interviews ABX President Ted Peña and SDUSD Operations Support Officer Marceline Marquesan about the importance of school field study trips.


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We fund school field trips to arts and sciences

Field Study Trips Bring Learning Alive!

Do you know what the "missing link" is for a child to experience a life-changing moment in the arts and sciences?

It is well documented that field (study) trips are an invaluable experience for a child’s overall educational development.


These “out of the classroom” learning experiences contribute to improved academic skills, including in the areas of reading, mathematics and language, as well as the development of certain thinking, social, and motivational skills that are considered basic for success in school, life and work. Experiencing the arts and sciences this way brings learning to life.

School districts throughout San Diego County have had to minimize,
if not eliminate, field trips because of budget cuts.
ArtsBusXpress funds this transportation!
Our Founders

ArtsBusXpress (ABX) is a nonprofit organization (Tax ID. #20-2793281) founded in 2002 specifically to underwrite field trip transportation connecting San Diego school children with arts and science venues. 


ABX was founded by local San Diegans Patricia Smith and Jeri Denniston, both patrons of local museums and the arts.

They had discovered how many San Diego Children had never left their neighborhoods or ventured outside the classroom to visit a museum or coastal tide pool.  They were astonished to find that San Diego school districts did not have the funding to send each county K-12 student on a field trip just once a year. 


So they did something about it and started ArtsBusXpress!

Through this effort, ABX is committed to providing students access to rich, integrated in-depth learning experiences outside the classroom at more than 200 regional venues.


The program is available to over 500,000 children in the 42 school districts and 646 schools in San Diego County.

We Thank Our Generous Major Donors

These wonderful supporters have generously contributed

to keep the buses rolling. THANK YOU!

Stephanie Bergsma

Amy Ginnow

Kiwanis Club of Torrey Pines Foundation

To apply for funding for your next field study trip, submit your 
Bus Grant Application today!
For an average cost of $350, a busload of children can take a ride to the arts and sciences.  To those who recognize the importance of field (study) trips to strengthen the overall development of our next generation, your tax deductible gift is appreciated. Donate Today!

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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