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Virtual Field Trip Xperiences

These venues are offering Virtual Field Trip Xperiences (VFTX) funded by ABX

Click on a link below to access detailed descriptions of Virtual Field Trip Xperiences (VFTX).  When you have selected your VFTX, complete your application for funding and reserve your date (subject to first come, first served availability) for your exciting VFTX.


Unless noted, each VFTX is designed for a 45 to 60 minute period for a single classroom of less than 40 students. Please know that each venue will do its very best to personalize your Xperience to your class grade level to ensure a personalized and interactive “live” Xperience.  Unless noted, each VFTX funding requirement is $250. Subsequent VFTX scheduled on the same day at the same school are available at discount fees.  ABX will calculate the total funding required based upon your application.  



Current List of Virtual Field Trip Xperiences

Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation

Awesome Agua Animals – ES (Grades K - 3)

Experience Today – ES (Grade 3)

Live the Past – ES (Grade 3)


Birch Aquarium

Animal Encounters: Rocky Seashore - Pre-K, ES, MS, HS

Animal Encounters: Kelp Forest - Pre-K, ES, MS, HS

Ask a Naturalist: Aquarium 101 - K-2

Ask a Naturalist: Stories Behind the Scenes - MS, HS

Ask a Naturalist: Protecting Our Ocean Planet - MS, HS

Sensational Sharks - 4

Shark Science - 6, 7

Children's Nature Retreat Foundation

Choose Your Pasture - ES (Grades PreK-8)

Discovery of the Exotic Animals - ES (Grades PreK-8)

Discovery of the Farm Animals - ES, MS (Grades PreK-8)

Cygnet Theatre

New Works from Emerging Artists - MS, HS

Adapting to the Stage for Emerging Artists - MS, HS

Selecting Audition Pieces for Emerging Artists - MS, HS

Rapid Script Analysis for Emerging Artists - MS, HS

Fleet Science Center

Build Your Own Spacecraft – ES

Density – ES

Exploring Electricity – ES

Geology Rocks – ES, MS

Hovercraft – MS, HS

Kitchen Chemistry – ES, MS

Mars Landers – ES

Plant Cycle – ES

Plate Tectonics – ES

Rocket Science, Ready to Blast Off? – ES

Stellar Solar System – MS

The Moon - ES

Weather Instruments – ES

Imperial Valley Desert Museum

Virtual Museum Tour - ES, MS, HS (Grades K-12)

Virtual Coiled Clay - ES, MS, HS (Grades -12)

Pendant Weaving - ES, MS, HS (grades K-12)

Japanese Friendship Garden

Garden Tour - ES, MS. HS


La Jolla Playhouse

Behind the Scenes at LJP – ES, MS, HS (Grades 3-12)

Getting Started in Playwriting – ES, MS, HS (Grades 3-12)

LJP Department Seminar – HS

Musical Theater Dance Styles - ES, MS, HS (Grades 3-12)

The Actor’s Toolbox – ES, MS, HS (Grades 3-12)

The World of Props – ES, MS, HS (Grades 3-12)


La Jolla Symphony & Chorus

Meet the Orchestral Family – ES, MS, HS


Living Coast Discovery Center

A Shark’s Tale – ES (Grade 3)

AWE Chemistry! – HS

Beaks and Feet – ES (Grades 1&2)

Crawling Crabs – ES (Kindergarten)

Eat, Don’t Get Eaten (Ecology Program) – MS (Grades 6-8)

Something’s Fishy – ES (Grades 4&5)

LUX Art Institute

Virtual Valise Project – ES, MS (Grades 3-8 Title 1)


New Village Arts

(the following Virtual Field Trips have been suspended until further notice)

Clowning – ES, MS, HS

Playwriting – ES, MS, HS

Shakespeare – ES, MS, HS

Spoken Word Poetry – ES, MS, HS

Stage Makeup – ES, MS, HS

Storytelling – ES, MS, HS

San Diego Air and Space Museum

Engineering Everywhere – ES, MS

Gravity Busters – ES

Lunar Landers – ES, MS

San Diego Archaeological Center

All About Archaeology – ES, MS

Pottery & Pinch Pots – ES

10,000 Years & Counting! – MS, HS


San Diego History Center

History at Home – ES (Grades 1-5)

Mapping Balboa Park – ES, MS (Grades 3-8)

San Diego Before Statehood – ES (Grades 3-5)

Stories of San Diego – ES (Grades 2-5)


San Diego Model Railroad Museum

Communities Then & Now: Making a 3D Model – ES, MS

The Able Arch & the Trusty Truss – ES, MS

San Diego Zoo

Inside Story Tour (45 Min) – ES, MS, HS

Wild Art Tour (60 Min) - ES, MS, HS

Zoo to You Tour (30 Min) – ES, MS, HS


The Roustabouts Theatre Co.

Moving Ahead in the Arts as a Young Professional - MS, HS

Comedy Improv Workshop - ES, MS, HS

Comedy Acting Workshop - ES, MS, HS

Intro to Playwriting 101 - MS, HS

The Water Conservation Garden

Changing Environments – Adaptations – ES (Grades 3&4)

Surviving and Thriving – Seed Dispersal – ES (Grades 1&2)

The Magical Parts of a Plant – Kindergarten

WATER – Collect it, Move it, Use/Save it! – ES (Grades 5&6)


Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans

A Deep Dive into Marine Protected Areas - ES, MS, HS

A Diver’s View of the Underwater World – ES, MS, HS

Hunters of the Kelp Forest … and Beyond – ES, MS, HS

Marine Mammals of Southern California - 3-part program ES (Grades 4-6)

Meet California’s Marine Mammals – ES, MS

Sailing a Sea of Synthetic Debris - MS, HS

Seals in Shifting Seas – MS, HS

Squish, Splash, Squirt...Unlocking Intertidal Mysteries - ES, MS

The Value of a Whale - ES, MS, HS


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