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Arts & Science Field Trips Funded by ABX

The following is a list of venues visited through ABX-funded educational field trips over the last several years.  These venues have been reviewed and designated by the ABX funding committee as approved destination sites for K-12 students based on the program offered by the venue.  Teachers may also select a destination site not listed and subject to approval.  Be sure to answer all questions on the grant application as fully as possible to receive our complete consideration.

Venues A - B


San Diego Central

ABC News 10 Studios

At ABC News 10 Studios, students can witness an exclusive behind the scenes view of all of the efforts behind the television news stations and media platforms that keep communities informed and aware. Classes will see the collaboration between all of the elements that make news broadcasts possible, from anchors to journalists to TV and video production. ABC News 10 offers knowledge and perspective through widely recognized national coverage with both local and national influences.

(518) 433-4254


National, State or City Park

East County

Anza Borrego State Park

Home to an unparalleled collection of threatened plant and animal species, ancient Native American sites, historic structures and artifacts, and environmentally sensitive structures and habitats, the Anza Borrego State Park showcases the best of California's natural and cultural history. In its mission to inspire and educate its audience in its celebrations of natural and cultural resources, classes will see biological diversity amidst Anza Borrego’s rugged mountainous landscape.

(760) 767-4205

Barona Cultural Center.jpg


East County

Barona Cultural Center and Museum

The Barona Cultural Center & Museum is dedicated to preserving the Native American culture and history of San Diego County. With more than 3,000 artifacts, listening alcoves, photographic displays, and archives, the Museum’s historic treasures unfold many fascinating and inspiring stories of the Kumeyaay and Diegueño experience. As San Diego County’s only museum on an Indian reservation dedicated to the perpetuation and presentation of the local Native culture, the Barona Museum offers a unique educational journey for visitors of all ages.

(619) 443-7003

Bodhi Tree Concert Choir

Plants and Flowers

San Diego Central

Bodhi Tree Concerts

Bodhi Tree Concerts performs intentional acts of kindness through music, offering music performance as a path towards creative passion & understanding. By featuring local artists, supporting charitable organizations, and programming diverse repertoire, Bodhi Tree Concerts bring cultural appreciation to the public in enlightening ways.

(619) 546-7660


Fish and Plants

North County Inland

Agua Hedionda Lagoon

The Agua Hedionda Lagoon is a center of environmental education, awareness, and research. As one of the threatened coastal wetlands on the Southern California coastline, The Lagoon is dedicated to educating the public on the pertinence of conservation and environmental awareness for endangered species. Home to crabs, fish, birds, and a variety of marine life, the Lagoon supports a variety of sensitive and vital plant and animal communities. Students can see a distinctive natural ecosystem as well as explore the impact of human influences on native environments.

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Plants and Flowers

San Diego Central

Balboa Park Botanical Gardens

As one of the most photographed scenes in Balboa Park, the Botanical Garden is a beautiful destination where students can view a historic and cherished destination. Housing over 2,100 plants, the Botanical Garden is home to dynamic collections of cycads, ferns, orchids, and other vibrant displays of tropical plants and palms.

(619) 234-8901

Bates Nut Farm.jpg

Farms, Animals, Plants

North County Inland

Bates Nut Farm

The Bates Nut Farm strives to contribute to the community through educational programs, special events, fundraisers and opportunities to create family traditions. Bates wishes to pass on the legacy and appreciation of farming and agriculture to future generations. Students can also visit the Farm Zoo, with mini-donkeys, goats, sheep, alpacas, emus, chickens, peacocks, ducks, geese, a tortoise & more! With its beautiful setting, picnic and park areas,farm zoo, and home environment, the Bates Nut Farm is a reminder of simpler times and childhood farm memories.

(760) 749-3333



North County Inland

Antique Gas & Steam Engine

The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum works to collect, preserve, and display significant examples of mechanical ingenuity throughout history. The Museum's collection focuses on 1849 through the early 1960’s era with exhibits that actively demonstrate early American life and technology. The Museum offers educational and recreational opportunities to the public through exhibits, demonstrations, activities and programs, showing students the art of invention and technological advancement.

(760) 941-1791

Balboa Theatre.jpg


San Diego Central

Balboa Theatre

Opened in 1924, the Balboa Theatre has become a renowned center for cultural performance and historical significance in San Diego’s artistic landscape. The Balboa theatre embraces and celebtrates collaboration, inclusivity, artistic excellence in its mission to provide beautiful quality venues for a vibrant arts community.

(619) 570-1100

Birch Aquarium.jpg

Zoos and Aquariums

San Diego Central

Birch Aquarium

At the Birch Aquarium, see more than 5,000 fish in 60+ habitats plus a museum featuring cutting edge research from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Take in spectacular panoramic ocean views, get hands on with interactive activities, see a feeding, and dive deeper into the world under, in, and above the oceans. The Aquarium is a site of exploration where students will be empowered to discover natural wonders, explore the significance of environmental sustainability, and to ask impactful questions.

Group tours are currently canceled until further notice.

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