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ABX Bus Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Prepared April 8, 2020


Who qualifies to apply? Only San Diego County teachers, whether in public or charter K-12 schools, are eligible to apply.


What is the first thing I should do before applying for a bus grant? 
Download the Teacher Checklist


What criteria do you use to approve a Bus Grant?  Bus grants are approved on a case by case basis.  ABX strives to spread its limited funding across as many school districts, schools and teachers as possible. To approve the grant request in whole or in part, ABX will consider the following criteria: 


  • Is this the first application submitted by this teacher in the last 12 months?

  • Is this the first application submitted from this school?  

  • How many students and grade levels are participating? 

  • What is the estimated average cost per student for transportation?

  • How appropriate is the program and destination site?

  • How many chaperones are required?

  • How well does the trip benefit the students’ overall educational development? 


How early can a teacher submit a Bus Grant application?  You are encouraged to submit their application as early as reasonably possible.  ABX will not send notice of approval any earlier than 120 days prior to the planned field trip.


How late can a teacher submit a Bus Grant application?  Any submission of an application that is within 45 days of the planned field trip date does not allow the time required to give the applicatio full consideration.  Bus providers also require sufficient time to schedule their drivers and buses.  This short notice is likely to be denied. 


Do bus grants cover all transportation expenses? Funds are limited and not every bus grant application can be approved. You may receive partial funding for a field trip if the cost per student is excessive and far above the average cost per student (currently $6 per student.) 


Do bus grants cover entry fees into venues?  No, ABX funds are solely for the cost fo transportation services.

Does ABX own buses?  No, ABX does own any buses and only provides funding to cover transportation costs, which can also include public bus, trolley, train, and van transportation. 


Are ABX funded field trips required to adhere to San Diego County and California State Educational standards? Absolutely!  Proposed field trips must align with California State and San Diego County Educational standards which need to be clearly presented by you on the Bus Grant Application.   


What if the field trip is delayed or canceled not to the fault of the teacher? ABX is not liable for any unexpected costs associated with your bus trip including late cancellations, trip delays or changes in schedules.  With notice prior to the planned date of the field trip, ABX will consider extending the bus grant for as long as 90 days.


What if the Bus Provider invoice doesn’t match up with the ABX Grant Award amount?  ABX will pay the invoice plus or minus 10%.


What information do I need prior to starting the application?  You can start the application and save it without finishing.  However, the basic information you will need to get you off to a good start includes: 


  • District and school name/phone number.

  • Principal name and email. 

  • Lead teacher contact information (name, cell phone, email). Please note we may need to reach you after school hours.

  • Name of venue/program.

  • Description of activities prior to and after the field trip as appropriate.

  • Explanation of benefits to the students. 

  • Name, email, and cell phone numbers of other teachers participating.

  • Number of students per grade level.

  • Number of chaperones (most venues limit 1 adult per 8 -10 students). Chaperones may be required to drive their own vehicles to ensure their children have a bus seat.

  • Number of buses required.

  • Bus Provider contact information (name, phone, email)

  • The estimated cost of a busload of students.

  • Any special needs for students you must consider.


If I have trouble with the online application, where can I go for help? While the application is intended to be easy to use without any user training, click here for a tutorial using the new ABX Bus Grant Application.


How do I obtain an estimated cost of a busload of students?  Please contact your bus provider or district accounting administrator for estimates.  Typically, 64 first graders can fit on a single standard size bus while 40 high school students can fit on the same bus. If you do not have a bus yard, contact a private carrier such as those listed below.  Please check with your school administrator for the approved list of bus transportation providers.  ABX does not endorse any one particular bus company.  They must require all appropriate insurance and certifications to transport students.


Is my user ID and password change for each application I submit overtime? Applicants will create their own user ID and password on the bus application webpage that allows them to register one time with basic contact information.  Applicants will now be able to track their bus grant application through the approval process.  Applicants will no longer be required to re-type their contact information on future applications as long as they are working at the same school.  Teachers can save their application online and return to complete it at a later time.


What happens once I submit my application online? Upon submission of your “bus grant” application, the following activities will occur: 


  1. You will receive an automatic email that your application has been received.

  2. The ABX Executive Committee will review your application for completeness. You will receive an email from ABX in 7 to 10 business days notifying you of the status of your application, whether more information is needed, the grant has been denied or the grant has been approved in whole or in part. A voucher will be attached to this email notice.  Your voucher will be valid for your planned event only. 

  3. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your planned field trip, please notify ArtsBusXpress immediately at

  4. Vouchers for field trips approved and not taken or rescheduled during the same fiscal year will automatically be canceled.

  5. As soon as you receive the ABX bus grant voucher documenting the approval of your “bus grant,” send the voucher to the bus company, district accounting office or both as appropriate.  Be sure to confirm the number of buses required, planned date, destination address, pick up and return times.

  6. Inform the carrier to send their invoice to ArtsBuxXpress via email at or to the address below.

  7. Please request an invoice from the district office, school or directly from the bus yard or private carrier to be sent to ArtsBusXpress by email at or by regular mail for payment within forty-five (45) days of the date the field trip is completed.  ArtsBusXpress will pay invoices within thirty (30) days of receipt.  For invoice amounts greater than the approved funding, the school is responsible for the difference.  Be sure to follow your district policies in issuing invoices. 

  8. After the trip, teachers must complete an online trip report explaining the success and impact on the students from an educational perspective.  You are encouraged to submit student letters, drawings, digital photos, and poems about their experience. These inspire new donors to help us keep the buses rolling.  Any photos received will be considered approved by the parents and teachers for general publication. 

  9. If email is not available, please snail mail all appropriate correspondence to ArtsBusXpress, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd. #400, San Diego, CA, 92121 or email to


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