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North County Coastal

Oceanside Museum of Art

At the Oceanside Museum of Art, students are encouraged to explore their creativity through new techniques and to become part of a greater community of art lovers. The museum ensures that exceptional programming will continue to captivate and engage the creative community. Classes can engage with art and learn about the abundance of art and culture in Oceanside through a variety of activities for all ages to enjoy.

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San Diego Central

Old Globe Theatre

The renowned Old Globe Theatre is a key center of theatrical engagement, dedicated to paying homage to classic theatre while also enriching contemporary performance. A decade from now, the Globe will be known as a creator of world-class theatre productions and equally as a hub for participatory art-making, fostering cross-cultural and intergenerational shared experiences that traverse socioeconomic and geographic boundaries.

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Farms, Animals, and Plants

East County

Oma's Pumpkin Patch

Oma’s Pumpkin Patch is a unique venue where education meets fun, with a wide variety of attractions that complete a unique and memorable experience. With a hayride, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, maze, playground, and barn, Oma’s Pumpkin Patch is a site of not only learning,  but also joyful pastimes and educational fun. 

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National, State, and City Parks

North County Coastal

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

The Rancho Buena Vista Adobe works to preserve the historic portion of this unique site and to encourage and support on-going educational projects relating to the 1850s and continuing to the present. This unique historical site invites participatory learning to encourage public usage of the grounds. Non-historic portions of the property provide facility rentals, volunteer assistance, and philanthropic services to improve the Adobe's facilities and programs.

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North County Coastal

Oceanside Public Library

Since its beginning in 1904, the Oceanside Public Library works to engage, inform, connect and inspire its audiences. The Oceanside Public Library is the cultural heart of Oceanside, empowering the community by promoting literacy, information access, civic engagement, cultural inclusiveness, and openness to new ideas.

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National, State, and City Park

San Diego Central

Old Town State
Historic Park

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park presents the opportunity to experience the history of early San Diego by providing a connection to the past. With an inspiring collection of museums and an abundance of restaurants and attractions, there is no shortage of things to see and do. This cherished state park works to protect and preserve an unparalleled collection of culturally and environmentally sensitive structures and habitats displaying the best of California's natural and cultural history. 

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North County Coastal

Palomar Observatory

Palomar Observatory, located atop Palomar Mountain in north San Diego County, California, is a center of astronomical research and scientific exploration. Owned and operated by Caltech, The Observatory is home to three active research telescopes and connected to a wide community of astronomers from both domestic and international partners. The observatory seeks to promote technological advancement, offer resources for aspiring young scientists, encourage scientific investigations in astrophysics and astronomy, and inspire enthusiasm for the prominent role of science in current society. 

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San Diego Central

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center connects the community to unique opportunities and exhibits in hopes of educating about the importance of science and inspiring future generations. Through an IMAX theatre and over 100 interactive exhibits, the Science Center connects people of all ages to the creative and investigative potentials of science. Pique your curiosity and inspire your imaginations through this unique Balboa Park site of education, awareness, and innovation.

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North County Coastal

Oceanside Theatre

The Oceanside Theatre is passionate about enriching the community through expansion of the arts. With core values of artistic excellence, community collaboration, and diversity, Oceanside Theatre Company’s vision for the future is to be a beacon for arts education, culture, and the performing arts in North San Diego County. The Oceanside Theatre Company presents educational opportunities in the arts for children and adults and provides a venue for expansion of artistic endeavors in North San Diego County. 

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Plants and Flowers

South Bay

Olivewood Gardens and
Learning Center

Olivewood Gardens works to inspire youth and adults to be active citizens through organic gardening, and environmental and nutritional education. Students will be inspired by values of integrity, transformation, and a communal commitment to environmental awareness and sustainable change. Education at Olivewood Garden offers hands-on classes for all ages in the garden and kitchen, encouraging both volunteerism and healthy lifestyle choices. 

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North County Inland

Poway Center for the Performing Arts

The Poway Center for the Performing Arts hosts professional performances ranging from major plays and concerts to appearances by individual artists of national acclaim. The Poway Center for the Performing Arts also encourages performing arts in the area by providing first-class performance space for Poway Unified School District students and community-based productions. 

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