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Teacher Application Guidelines and FAQ’s

    Updated October 2022

How It Works  


ABX provides funding to help cover or reduce the cost of bus transportation, virtual programs and outreach opportunities to arts and science venues primarily in San Diego County.  


While all San Diego County public and charter K-12 teachers are encouraged to apply, ABX prioritizes Title I schools.  


Please be advised that because ABX funding is limited the entire cost of these experiences is frequently unlikely, however ABX financial awards can help to reduce the cost.  



Bus Transportation                                           $10.00 per student     

Virtual Programs                                             $250.00 per program  

Outreach Programs                                        $250.00 per program   


Please Note: Virtual and outreach programs are covered at $125.00 for subsequent programs occurring on the same day.              


How to Apply 

  • Confirm your reservation with your selected venue and/or transportation provider prior to applying for funding.

  • Create an ABX user ID and password. 

  • Complete the online application. You will need the following information: 

    • School Name and School District 

    • Title One Status 

    • Total # of Students and grade levels participating  

    • # of Teachers Involved 

    • Lead Teacher Name and Contact Information 

    • Additional Teachers Names and Contact Information 

    • Type of Field Trip (on-site, virtual or outreach) 

    • Preferred Field Trip Date 

    • Venue/Institution Name 

    • Field Trip Objectives 

    • # of Chaperones for on-site field trips 

    • # of Buses (if applicable) - Pick up and return time, transportation contact information and the transportation estimate from your selected provider. Please use district transportation if available. 


Application Review 


  • Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. 

  • If approved, you will receive an email containing your confirmation voucher, your selected venue and/or transportation provider. 

  • Please note that you are responsible for booking transportation and venue programs.  

  • Transportation companies and venues send invoices directly to ABX via


Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Does ABX own a bus?  No 

  2. Who qualifies? All San Diego County TK-12 public and charter schoolteachers are eligible to apply; however, we prioritize Title I schools and first-time applicants. 

  3. How do I apply? Click here to create your ABX user ID and password. 

  4. What criteria does ABX use? Funding is available on a first come first serve case by case basis. Some criteria include but are not limited to. 

    • How many applications have already been approved for this school this year? 

    • Is the field trip aligned with standards and classroom learning? 

    •  What is the estimated average cost per student?  

  5. When should I submit my application? Please submit application as early as possible. Any submission of an application that is within 30 days of the planned field trip date may not be approved due to time constraints. 

  6. What expenses does ABX cover? On-site field trips awards cover transportation expenses only. This includes the driver, mileage, and bus. ABX does not cover entry or docent fees for on-site field trips. Funding for virtual and outreach field trips cover the program preparation, time, and materials.  You may receive partial funding. 

  7. What if the field trip is delayed or cancelled not to the fault of the teacher? ABX is not liable for any unexpected costs associated with your field trip including late cancellations or schedule changes.  With notice prior to the planned date of the field trip, ABX will consider extending the funding for as long as 90 days. 

  8. What if the transportation provider’s invoice doesn’t match up with the ABX initial funding award amount?  ABX will pay the invoice plus or minus 10%. 

  9. How do I obtain an estimated cost of a busload of students?  Please contact your bus provider or district accounting administrator for estimates.  

    • Typically, 64 first graders can fit on a single standard size bus while 40 high school students can fit on the same bus.      

    • Bus providers must show all appropriate insurance and certifications to transport students.  

    • Available transportation providers, including school district bus yards, are listed in the teacher application for your information.  


For any further questions or if you have trouble with your online application, please email 


Thank you! 

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