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Preparing for a Successful Field Trip

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The following checklist was developed using the Oceanside Unified School District model.  Each district likely has its own process so be sure to check with your school administrator first.  In any event, we hope the following information will be helpful as you prepare for your next exciting trip to the arts and sciences.


Three months before the trip.


  1. Complete your school’s form for a “School-Sponsored Trip Request.”  Submit this form to the school secretary/principal for final scheduling and processing.

  2. Contact place(s) being visited to make preliminary arrangements as needed

  3. Identify expenses and funding sources.

  4. Finalize transportation plans

Call your district’s transportation office to find out if they can schedule your trip and provide you with buses.  (Work with your own district first before pursuing charter buses.) 


If your district can not provide the transportation needed, then request to see your district's approved list of charter bus carriers.  Each district provides its own list and you must select from their approved list.


After you have requested a quote from your district or charter bus company for your field trip, fill out your grant application and request the amount needed


Two weeks prior to the trip. 


Make arrangements for a substitute if needed


Place meal order count with nutritional services if needed.


Notify nurse/health clerk of participants and request copies of medical information release form – check for allergies, conditions, etc.


Secure appropriate adult supervisors for the trip.  Provide them with your district chaperone guidelines.


Verify that permission forms are returned for all students.  Confirm alternate arrangements at school for any students not participating. 


Arrange for participating students to be excused from their classes.  Notify Nutrition Services of number of students going on the trip. 


Prior to departure.


Instruct students on safety and conduct


Arrange for first-aid kit and ensure that kit and any allergy and other medications for students with special needs are included.


Provide to appropriate staff the names of all persons, adults and students, who will participate on the trip.  Provide cell phone numbers of all adults on the trip. 


To Cancel the Trip:  To avoid cancellation charges, notify the transportation Department or Charter Bus company of cancellation at least 48 hours in advance of trip.  Contact ArtsBusXpress and also let them know, trip has been cancelled. 

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