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ArtsBusXpress BoardMember Writes Book on Fundraising

Updated: May 6, 2022

Michelle Gilmore

Eventology: The Science Behind Non-Profit Fundraising

E·vent·ol·o·gy- If the suffix “ology” is a Greek word referring to the academic research or study of a particular field, then the word eventology is the science of promoting and executing a successful event or fundraiser. Mentoring readers in this science and art form, are two practiced researchers of the field, Michelle Gilmore, a CFRE or Certified Fundraising Executive and Darren Diess, a BAS or Benefit Auctioneer Specialist. With Gilmore’s added experience as a Development Director of a multinational non-profit organization, she offers a perspective from that of a director, board member, and donor. With Diess’ expertise, the perspective offered is that of a showman and we are reminded that every fundraiser is really a three-ring circus or production.

Both Gilmore and Diess claim that despite their different perspectives, they are in complete agreement that “fundraising is a marathon and not a sprint.” Their book provides a roadmap of how to create and execute a flawless, successful event. As equally important, they emphasize the importance of the long-term donor relationship and how it will build sustainability for your cause.

This comprehensive resource guide offers thematic chapters exploring how traditional ways of fundraising need to be revitalized by new ways of thinking, how fears get in our way, the importance of a clear vision and message, how people and collaboration are our best resources, and the importance of technology in promoting our vision and event.

A chapter that will speak to many readers (myself included) explores “The fear of the ask.” Sound familiar? Gilmore and Diess encourage the reader with the notion that “asking” is not “selling” but rather offering opportunities as a way to get involved and make a difference. A later chapter explores how once people are brought together, then collaboration builds a resource of skill sets, volunteer enthusiasm, passion, and synergy. What more could you ask for?

You can order your own copy of Eventology: The Science Behind Non Profit Fundraising on Amazon. It’s a wealth of knowledge with a promise of success for every non-profit or company with a vision to make a difference. Those of you who use Amazon can utilize Amazon Smile for your shopping. Instead of logging onto on your browser, log on to and designate ArtsBusXpress as your charity. A percentage of any purchases will be donated to support transportation to the arts and sciences in San Diego County.

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