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How to clear your browser cache and cookies

We fixed the recent website issues with the ArtsBusXpress website.

A few days ago you may have tried to apply for a bus grant or donation and our website was not accessible. We contacted our web host and they fixed it in a matter of hours.

Our web host said it is important to clear the cache and cookies in your browser in order for the website to display properly. Otherwise, when you go to the ArtsBusXpress website, your browser may show you the older, prior version of the web page.

We created two short videos on how to do this in Firefox and Chrome. If you use Safari on an Apple computer, click this link for instructions on how to do this. It was created by University of Colorado, Boulder.

Click the links below to access the videos.

Clear the cache and cookies in Chrome Directions: Click the three vertical dots at the far upper right corner of your browser window. Select History. In the next window, click on Clear Browsing Data. Then check all three boxes to clear history, cookies and cached images. Check the blue Clear Data box in the lower right of the current window to clear everything from browser memory. It may take a few minutes if you have not done this in several weeks or months. Wait until Chrome finishes the process.

Clear the cache and cookies in Firefox Directions: Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) at the far upper right corner of your browser window. Select Options. In the next window, select Privacy and Security. Scroll down to the area under Clear Cookies and Site Data. If you wish, you may check the box which says "delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed." Then click on the button that says Clear Data. In the next window, verify that both boxes are checked. Then click the Clear button. A menu will pop up to verify that you want to clear data. Select Clear Now to start the process. It may take awhile depending on how long it has been since you last did this.

We look forward to working with you whether you are donating to a great cause or applying for a bus grant to take your students on a "ride to the arts and sciences."

The ArtsBusXpress board

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