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The Roustabouts Theatre Co.
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The Roustabouts Theatre Co. is celebrating 5 years of bringing local actors, directors, and playwrights to the forefront of San Diego theatre. We produce fresh visions of classics, well-known contemporary plays, and new works with an ongoing commitment to introducing the theatrical art form to diverse audiences and underserved communities. Our associates are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience and bringing creative opportunities to San Diego youth.

Film Production 101

Grades: MS, HS





(619) 568-5800

On-Site Field Trip Xperience

Utilizing the skills and experience of Emmy-awarding winning Director of Photography, Mike Brueggemeyer, we’ll work with your students to give them an opportunity to set up a "film shoot." The students will assist with setting up the lights, camera, sound, and set decoration We'll shoot a single shot, then Mike will edit it in front of the students to add music, sound effects, color grading, etc. A fun and informative hands-on look at videography. This event is best suited for an in-person experience; it can be modified for a virtual event.

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Film Production 101
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