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ArtsBusXpress is a non-profit organization that funds on-site, outreach, and virtual field trips for TK-12 San Diego County public and charter schools. We extend, enhance and enrich Student Learning by connecting teachers and students to arts and science programs not found in the classroom. We introduce students to STEAM content used in the real world and careers never imagined before.  

Please Fund a Field Trip Today!

$750 gives 30 students a virtual, on-site, or in classroom

Field Trip Xperience.

Latest News!

San Diego County proclaims November 10 ArtsBusXpress Day!

Honoring 20 years of service sending over 200,000 students on amazing Field Trip Xperiences!

The ArtsBusXpress 2023/24 school year application for field trip funding will be live starting at 8am on August 1, 2023! Funding is limited so apply early. 

Featured Field Trip Xperiences
Canyon Crest Academy Grades 9-12
La Jolla Playhouse Canyon Crest Academy Jeannine Marquie 39, 9-12th students 120122 077os

"Students were absolutely thrilled! They loved everything about this trip - they had fun together on the
bus ride, they loved the show and the talk back with the actors had a huge positive impact. I heard kids
say things like they felt seen, they felt heard, they felt connected.

This is a really helpful and wonderful service. Thank you!" ~

Teacher Jeannine Marquie

39 students from Canyon Crest Academy enjoyed a field trip to La Jolla Playhouse thanks to funding from ArtsBusXpress.

Sunnyside Elementary School

"I don't have any suggestions for improvements. The experience of getting a grant from ArtsBusXpress was so easy and clear. The BizTown field trip is such a great experience for the kids, especially with the financial literacy lessons that we teach prior to the field trip; however, it is very expensive, and the bus grant helped so much. "
~ Misha Luker, teacher

BizTown Sunnyside ES Misha Luker 65-5th gr 11-08-22 026os. 3.jpg

65 fifth graders visited BizTown San Diego. This student played the role of a judge.

High Tech High North County Grade 8
Comic Con Museum HTHNC Perro 8 055os 4.png

55 students from High Tech High North County had the opportunity to explore their own creativity on a Field Trip Xperience that ArtsBusXpess funded.

Without ongoing donations, these learning "Xpereiences" would not be possible.

"Students said it was one of the best field trips they have ever taken. The combination of all the activities planned for students and the content shared throughout the museum made a big impact on the kids. They also got to present their work to the Comic-Con Museum employees which was so special to them!

I loved this field trip and am so grateful my students got to go and have such a memorable experience. If it were not for this bus grant, I don't think we would have enough drivers to go on our trip and we probably would have canceled it. Thank you so much for this opportunity." ~ Teacher Brittany Perro

Wegeforth TK

Students from Wegeforth Elementary School visited Bates Nut Farm thanks to funding from ArtsBusXpress.


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Perkins K-8
San Diego Zoo Safari Park Perkins k-8 Ron Yoon 2nd 41 stud. 102122 035os035os (1).jpeg

"Many of the students and their families had never experienced the zoo.  Thanks to ArtsBusXpress, I was able to ensure that not only did my students begin their year exploring and getting excited about science, but giving them a meaningful experience that'll carry them throughout their academic career.  The excitement was never ending, from the amazing staff at the zoo to the experience of going into a special part of the park, that students new and returning to the zoo could enjoy." 

~ Ron Yoon, teacher

41 second graders visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park thanks to ABX field trip funding. These are a few of the letters we received.

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