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Traditional educational field trips on a bus are still on hold. In the meantime, we now list over 60 Virtual Field Trip Xperiences (VFTX) from 13 local arts and science venues for your students to learn STEAM topics from a unique perspective.  Whether your students are still learning from home or from the classroom, we are here to support our San Diego County teachers with amazing in-person and virtual field trips to museums, theatres, gardens, discovery centers, symphonies, fish and animal kingdoms, and more. These amazing VFTX are live, personal, interactive, educational, and fun. Visit our current VFTX list today.

And, when the buses start rolling again, we’ll be ready for you.  We currently list over 100 arts and science venues that are anxious to receive students again.  Check out the list today!

Virtual Field Trip Xperiences
and counting!

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Once you find a Virtual Field Trip that fits your teaching objectives, then apply for a grant to fund the workshop.  Your venue host will do everything they can to meet your schedule date and time and customize the content to meet your needs.  VFTXs are 45-60 minutes in length with some 15 and 30-minute versions.  You’ll be amazed by the experts who present “real-time and live” and take you to places that are difficult to get to on a typical visit. ​

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“We’re extremely delighted to add ArtsBusXpress to our list of beneficiaries dedicated to the well being of our K-12 students and teachers,” said Foundation Vice President JR Raines.


“These students are future leaders and we must do all we can to continue to inspire them to appreciate the arts and sciences while navigating through these unique times. ArtsBusXpress does just that! I hope others will join us in this endeavor.”


Here's a snapshot of a recent Virtual Field Trip presented by the Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans. Click here or the image. 

Ms. Olmeda's K-6 students take

a virual ride on a space ship!

student in helmet.png

La Jolla Village News

Check out this December 10 article in La Jolla Village News about our Virtual Field Trip Xperiences. We now offer 55 interactive Virtual Field Trips with more venues joining weekly!


ABX Board Member Michelle Gilmore and her colleague Darren Diess, authored Eventology: The Science Behind Nonprofit Fundraising. The book is available at Warwick’s Book Store in La Jolla and on Amazon.


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Here's what a Virtual Field Trip Xperience is all about!

Produced in collaboration with San Diego Zoo/Safari Park and Motion Picture Multimedia.

For those of you that are not teachers but want to support them and their students with quality education from arts and science venues,  your donation to help fund Virtual Field Trip Xperiences is appreciated.  For every $10 donated, a student can take a Virtual Field Trip. Donors can designate their donation to a child’s class, school or district, too.