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Our Vision

Opening young hearts and minds to experience the magic of the creative process and see a new world of possibilities for themselves and all that they touch.

Our Values

We champion the importance of arts, sciences, and cultural education. We are committed to generating positive partnerships between the arts and sciences, academia, and the philanthropic community. We adhere to high ethical and professional standards in our work and partnerships. We promote partnering with venues to leverage knowledge and exposure to improve the experiences and lives of K-12 students within the greater San Diego area.

Social Justice for All

Our mission and vision reflect our fundamental belief in social justice for all people. We are committed to aligning our culture, programs, and business practices to be a beacon of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 
Our strength comes from honoring diversity and celebrating the visible and invisible qualities that make each person unique.

Our Mission

Our mission is “Enriching Student Learning One Field Trip at a Time, with or without the bus.”  We support teachers to empower student learning by “Raising Funds to Pay for the Costs of Field Trip Xperiences.”  We bring life-changing moments to students. 


It’s ABout the Xperience!

Enriching Students
One Field Trip at a Time by:


  • Providing one-stop web portal for field trip selection by teachers;

  • Connecting students to the arts and sciences;

  • Funding venue presenters virtually and "live";

  • Funding bus transportation for on-site visits;

  • Administering pre-paid programs to guarantee every teacher has field trip funding;

  • Handling all venue and transportation billing and payments.

The program is available only to San Diego County teachers.
ArtsBusXpress seeks private and corporate donations to fund Field Trip Xperiences with and without the bus. 
A complete list of services now
includes the following
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