ABX Pre-Paid Program for Virtual and On-Site Field Trips

ABX rolls out a “Pre-Paid Field Trip Program” in collaboration with Mueller Charter School.


Linda Libby, Theatre Arts Teacher at Mueller Charter Schools, Bayfront High School, has been a recipient of ABX funding for field trips over many years. She’s taken her students on field trips to the La Jolla Playhouse and Cygnet Theater to name just two venues.  With limited ABX funding that is spread across all school districts in San Diego County, Linda asked Eileen Logue, Director of Finance of the Mueller Charter School, if the school could give every teacher at Mueller a guaranteed opportunity to take a field trip like she has done.  With all the recent infusion of federal and state funding for schools to enhance student learning during the pandemic, Eileen met with ABX to discuss the possibilities of using that same stimulus funding to be placed in reserve with ABX so that every Mueller teacher could be approved for an amazing field trip.  Eileen also wanted the Mueller teachers to have a simple and easy way to select a comprehensive list of field trips that supplemented STEAM curriculum already in place through the real world of museums, theaters, symphonies, botanical gardens, discovery centers, marine and animal kingdoms and much more. 

The ABX Pre-Paid Field Trip program was born!  
With a Mueller Charter School/ABX partnership, funding for all 70 Mueller teachers was placed in reserve with ABX.  Mueller teachers could now access the ABX one-stop-shop web portal for over 100 venues in San Diego County to visit onsite, and more importantly during the pandemic, they could select from over 60 virtual field trip Xperiences across 13 unique arts and science venues.  Each virtual field trip brings industry experts to the classroom and distance learners with a live, interactive, and personal experience.  ABX could also handle all the invoices and payments to venues, which differ from venue to venue. 
“ABX made planning a field trip for our teachers much easier by helping them search for an amazing field trip, coordinate with the venue schedulers and presenters, send out reminders, and provide a consistent and user-friendly application and reporting online interface,” Logue said. “ABX could also offer the necessary reports tracking the use and success of the program by our teachers.  They make it so easy to manage our field trip funding and account for the use of funds.” 

The Pre-Paid Field Trip program can also be used to pay for bus transportation as the traditional field trip with a bus resumes. 

As Ms. Libby put it nicely, 
“It all went so well! The virtual format worked better in some ways - allowing us to meet more people when we couldn't see the actual space.  If we could do a combination of the two, I think that would be incredible!”

For more information about this program and how your school and district can enjoy the same benefits, please contact ABX President Ted Peña at 760-715-1818 or email ted.pena@artsbusxpress.org.