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ABX Pre-Paid Program for Virtual and On-Site Field Trips

ABX Pre-Paid Field Trip Program  

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Pre-Paid Progrm

It all started when Linda Libby, Theatre Arts Teacher at Mueller Charter Schools, Bayfront High School, became a recipient of ABX funding for field trips many years ago.  She wanted every teacher at Mueller to have the same wonderful experience of field trip learning.  Knowing the ABX funding was limited due to ABX’s desire to spread their funding across all school districts, Ms. Libby asked her Director of Finance, Eileen Logue to consider using school funds to guarantee all Mueller teachers a field trip experience for their students. With all the recent infusion of federal and state funding for schools to enhance student learning during the pandemic, Eileen met with ABX to discuss the possibilities of using that same stimulus funding to be placed in reserve with ABX so that every Mueller teacher could be approved for an amazing field trip.  Eileen also wanted the Mueller teachers to have a simple and easy way to select a comprehensive list of field trips that supplemented STEAM curriculum already in place through the real world of museums, theaters, symphonies, botanical gardens, discovery centers, marine and animal habitats and much more. 


Pre-Paid Field Trip Program Gains Momentum

The ABX Pre-Paid Field Trip program is entering its third year at

Mueller/Bayfront Charter School. Last year, 1445 of 1700 students participated in an ABX field trip Xperience.  Mueller teachers rated the ABX field trip learning opportunities a 4.8 out of 5 for excellences.  ABX is now ready to help other schools and districts with effective use of district funds to through the Pre-Paid Field Trip program. 

Here are the key benefits to signing up for this program versus applying for field trip funding with ABX limited resources.  

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Program Benefits:

  • Each teacher automatically qualifies for a classroom field trip, with or without the bus, which connects their students to educational opportunities not found in the classroom. 

  • In addition to the venue/institutions listed on the ABX website as qualified “Places to Go,” unique venue/institutional programs not listed, but approved by the principals, are acceptable. This includes, but isn’t limited, to programs that both celebrate student success and  strengthen their emotional and mental well-being.  

  • A minimum notice of two weeks is typically required to process a teacher’s application when requesting the funding of a field trip.  This time period will be waived and receive escalated priority by our ABX program administrator. 

  • For on-site field trips, our ABX program administrator searches all bus companies for availability and negotiates the best pricing/value on behalf of the school/district.  

  • ABX provides semi-annual management reports that track teacher requests, classroom information, field trip objectives, teacher ratings and field trip quality.

  • ABX provides a year-end summary of all field trip Xperiences. 

  • ABX also adds new teacher “user IDs” to the ABX online application system. 

  • ABX manages the invoicing and payment processing with all venues/institutions, special guest speakers and transportation companies. 



For more information about this program and how your school and district can enjoy the same benefits, please contact ABX Executive Director Julia McMeans at 858.500.2523 or email  

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